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Efficiency 1st

Welcome to Efficiency 1st

The two most pressing challenges facing the world in the 21st century are immense: climate change and food security. These challenges demand the highest level of critical thinking and application of real and practical knowledge. Mankind has always faced challenges, but history shows that society has not always chosen the best solutions. Solutions that work are usually the simplest. Efficiency 1st is dedicated to a fairer and better future for all through the application of simple solutions that work. Let’s make the right decisions today rather than debating what might be the best course of action for tomorrow.

Public policy for the 21st century needs a heavy dose of realism, because for too long policy has been manipulated by minority activist groups. These groups have a narrow field of vision and have never been made accountable for the wider effects of their misguided demands.

Efficiency 1st is dedicated to a reformation of public policy through activism and awareness campaigns. Efficiency 1st is focused on the real needs of real people. Our future prosperity and security are dependent on sensible and informed decision-making today.

Our motto:

Tread Softly – Feed the World